October 2nd

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I think I’m going to start uploading more drawings and things that I’ve made… I’m trying to build a fanbase because I have a big idea. If you like the things you see feel free to reblog, comment, follow and even inbox me requests and I’ll see about making drawings happen.


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My own (black) Disney Princess creation, Princess Kiara.

Pierre Rashad

October 1st

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Recent fashion illustration inspired by old Hollywood.

-Pierre Rashad


Some random picture I drew in my sketch book awhile back… Saw it and laughed so I thought I’d share.

September 29th

11:28AM // I took like a year long tunblr hiatus— but I’m back now, at least for a little while. :)

11:21AM // thomashester2 ASKED: I saw your picture of Suzie, I've wanted something Rugrats x KAWS can you make a drawing of the Rugrats in that style?

I can’t promise that it will be super soon… But give me some time and I’ll do more Rugrats X KAWS pics.

September 1st

12:08AM // I haven’t been on tumblr since I don’t even know when….danm.

….and the only reason I’m on now is because I’m in my feelings. [lol, not really but kind of].

August 31st

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Is this what tiddies are like?

This is why the fuck I fuck dudes…. 


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